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5 Reasons for Not Joining a Theatre Group

1. It's only for extroverts

In fact, a wide range of personalities find theatre production enjoyable. We have no primadonnas in our group.

2. I'm not an actor

Acting is only the tip of the theatre iceberg. A wide range of skills are needed to put on a good show, from painting to programme production, music to make-up, woodworking to wiring, etc.

3. I don't know anything about theatres

Very few of our members joined as ready-made experts. Indeed, it's our policy to give everyone the chance to try their hand at new tasks.

4. It would require too much commitment

It's true, our actors do have to turn up regularly for rehearsals, but other members of the society can come along as much or as little as they like.

5. I want to do something more exciting

Clearly you have never been involved in a stage production before!!

Think a local theatre group could perhaps be for you after all? Visit our Get Involved page to find out more.


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