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AGM & Committee Roles

With the Twyford Drama Annual General Meeting and committee elections coming up on the 20th of June, we thought we’d take a quick at all the different roles available on our committee. Which one would you consider putting yourself forward for?

Our committee is made up of the Executive Committee and General Committee Members. At the AGM, elections for the Executive Committee and the Membership Secretary will be for the specific roles, while other General Committee Members will be elected generally for the committee with their individual roles assigned later at a committee meeting.

Committee members may remain in a role for a maximum three years, after which they are expected to give up the role unless there are no other offers and they wish to remain in the post.



The Chairperson is responsible for the overall management and direction of the group, leading committee meetings, and planning the production programme with the support of the other committee members.

Vice Chairperson

As a founding society, the group has a seat on the Loddon Hall management committee. The Vice Chairman supports the work of the chairman, but also works closely with Loddon Hall management to develop a mutually beneficial relationship and represent the interests of the group.


The Treasurer is responsible for all the money coming into and going out of the group, including keeping the books, producing annual accounts, managing the bank accounts, collecting money and paying bills, and producing floats for shows.


The Secretary is responsible for preparing agendas and taking and circulating minutes of committee and general meetings, as well as providing meeting attendees with any relevant documentation.


The specific roles available for General Committee Members include the following:

Membership Secretary

The Membership Secretary is responsible for responding to membership enquiries, welcoming new members, collecting annual subscriptions, and maintaining membership records.

Social Secretary

The Social Secretary is responsible for organising social events for the group.

Social Media & Newsletter

The Social Media & Newsletter Officer is responsible for maintaining the group’s social media channels, regularly posting content, and writing the monthly newsletter that goes out to all members.


The Publicity Officer is responsible for all publicity concerning the group’s activities, including advertising, printing, and press activities.

HQ Manager

The Headquarters Manager is responsible for the care and maintenance of the group headquarters and its contents.

Wardrobe Manager

The Wardrobe Manager is responsible to the Headquarters Manager and manages the care and maintenance of all costumes belonging to the group. Whilst elected, the Wardrobe Manager doesn’t have voting powers on the committee.

Additional members can also be co-opted onto the committee, but they do not have voting rights.

In addition to their individual duties, all members of the committee are also required to attend a monthly committee meeting.

Interested in finding out what the group’s been up to over the past year and our plans for the future? Or maybe you fancy joining the committee yourself and helping to run the group? Join us in the Ruscombe Room at 8pm on Tuesday the 20th of June for our Annual General Meeting and to welcome in our new committee. Who knows… you could even be part of it!


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